E-Check Guide

Please be Advised

Failed Transactions for any reason may incur a $25 processing fee on your account. Before you enter your echeck information on the next page, we ask you to please review the required fields to avoid any mistakes
1 Name as it appears on your Bank Account – For Businesses, please use business name
2 Address information should match that of your Bank Account billing address
3 Phone and email optional
4 Account Type – Please choose Personal Checking or Personal Savings
5 Customer ID is your Styer Propane Account Number located on your Invoice. This is not a required field
6 & 7 Routing Number and Account Number are found at the bottom of your Check. The fields are required and must be accurate. 
8 & 9 Please choose to make multiple recurring payments OR a One-time Payment here

Proceed to payment page by clicking the button below.