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Outdoor Summer Safety Starts in Sping

Despite winter taking its time getting on its merry way, Spring is indeed here and hot days and warm Summer nights are not too far off on the horizon. What a welcome thought! Here at Styer Propane, there is no question that things around here do tend to quiet down this time of year until the beginning of Fall. That said, we are still plenty busy with new installations and helping folks out who need propane through the Summer months.

Who needs propane through the Summer? Well, lots of folks as a matter of fact. Certainly homes are still running appliances like stoves and dryers on propane year round. But, there are far more fun applications that our customers have going all throughout the Summer Season. This time of year means picnics and barbecues. We have a good number of customers who have outdoor kitchens and built-in grills on their property which run propane off of a rutted line. And after you’ve had that burger (and waited 45 minutes), what’s better than a dip in the pool? Sure enough, we also have several accounts who also run pool heat off of propane. After you are dried off from the pool, why not spend some time over by the outdoor fire pit which runs off — Yup — Propane!

We enjoy Summer more than anyone, because, well, there is not much room for us to take any time off in the Winter! And though we stress safety throughout the year, we would like to remind folks that now is the time to make sure that there has been no damage to propane lines that run to outdoor usage. It’s best to have a professional run through a safety check in advance of the season so that you can ensure safe operation all Summer long! And whether you have your propane coming to your grill from an underground tank or your BBQ on a traditional grill, we urge all of our home chefs out there to be safe this Spring and Summer in the backyard!

Pool Season is Almost Here!

If you have a pool, you know how excited your family (and neighbors) get this time of year as spring and summer appear on the horizon. This winter has not been too dreadful as far as super cold temps are concerned. Currently, propane prices are very reasonable and nationwide supply remains high. Make sure you call Styer Propane before pools season so we can fill the propane tank that provides your pool with heat. We will check to make sure every thing is safe so that you can feel confident in running your pool heater all spring and summer long. Make sure also to have your pool heater maintained by a professional once, if not twice a year for maximum performance. Call Styer Propane if you have any questions about your pool heater or for timely delivery or propane in 2016!

Hello Fall

As we begin to see overnight lows in the 40s, there is no denying that Fall is upon us. It is a fabulous time of the year as Chester County and the surrounding area seems to turn a glorious yellow-orange everywhere you look. In addition to using propane to heat your home this time of the year, we are often eager to remind folks that there are a number of other great uses for our product during the chillier months on the calendar.

First of all, propane patio heaters are a wonderful way to extend the outdoor season and increase the usability of the outdoor living spaces on your property. Safe and warm, these beautiful and brilliant pieces of equipment can be purchased online or at nearly any hardware store or home center.

Speaking of heat, propane firepits are all the rage right now among suburban and country homeowners. Like patio heaters, they are a favorite of those who take to the patio or back yard for their recreation. It is quite joy to enjoy a crisp fall evening in an Adirondack chair next to one of these marvels.

In addition to these wonderful contraptions, don’t forget your backyard grill can still serve as your most popular appliance year round. At Styer Propane, we are obviously huge fans of this versatile and efficient brand of energy. We hope are too…all year long!