Weather and Holiday Notes from Styer

We hope everyone out there is getting into the holiday spirit! We are so excited about Thanksgiving and hope all of you are as well. Please not that our office will be closed on Thursday, November 28th so that our folks can spend the holiday with their families.

So far this Fall, we have had a number of nights in with lows in the 20s. Your home will go through more propane when temps are lower. it is important for will-call customers to call in orders when tanks are at 35%. Don’t wait until your tank is super low or you risk running out!

Winter is Just Around the Corner

This winter we also ask that all clients understand that our drivers cannot safely deliver to driveways that are not passable. If a driveway has a significant amount of uncleared snow and ice, specifically if it is on any sort of incline, please note that our drivers will not be able to make a delivery until conditions change. Accordingly, we ask that customers expecting deliveries please clear snow from driveways and tank covers prior to a driver’s arrival. We also would appreciate it if customers would please shovel a path to the tank or tank fill so that our drivers have an opportunity to easily find and fill your propane as they make their way to all customers during times of rough weather. For those customers with underground tanks, we kindly ask you to mark your tanks with a stick, a flag or some sort of marker that our drivers can easily recognize when they visit your property for a propane delivery.

We thank all of you for helping us to ensure save deliveries year after year and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a Safe Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone across Chester County and beyond! It is a fabulous time of year in this area. Crisp nights that don’t get too cold. Great colors throughout the forests and fields of Chester County, Montco and the Main Line. We can’t get enough of it!

First, we all set our clocks back this Saturday night / Sunday morning. While we all love the extra hour of sleep, don’t forget this day should also serve as a reminder to check the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the home. Remember, if the batteries are dead, they are of no use in an emergency.

We would be remiss in not mentioning Halloween! This Halloween, all of us at Styer Propane would like to offer a friendly reminder of safety in regards to this afternoon and this evening. Please be extra aware of trick-or-treaters on todayt as you are out on the roadways. The likelihood of pedestrian-involved accidents skyrockets on Halloween each year so please exercise caution on the roads. Likewise, please dress the kids in safe, light colored costumes that do not include any masks or other objects which may obstruct their ability to see as they walk from house to house. We hope everyone has a safe night out and gets plenty of candy.

Last Chance for PreBuy 2019-2020

It’s finally Fall here in the Delaware Valley! Even as Summer sticks around with a handful of days with temps in the 80s, we are beginning to see some cool nights and colors on the trees. We are looking forward to appropriate pumpkin spice weather as we make our way into October!

We would like to take the opportunity to remind folks that this is also that time of they year that we close down the opportunity to enroll in our Pre-Buy program. Time is running out. If you would like to enroll in this program or find out more, please call our offices as we will be ending the enrollment period in the next couple weeks.

A Back To School Message from Styer Propane

Here at Styer Propane, we never get tired of talking about safety. When it comes to propane and commercial vehicles, it’s not just “Safety First”–it’s Safety First, Second and Third! That is why we would like to remind all of our neighbors in great school districts across the Delaware Valley of the importance of safety in and around school bus stops this time of year.

Yes indeed, Summer is taking its curtain call at this point. Though the thermometer may still read in the 80s during the day, it is a sure sign that Fall is here when we begin to see big yellow buses making their way through the streets of Downingtown, West Chester, Pottstown and the other great communities we are proud to serve. Keeping kids safe on the bus is the primary responsibility of dedicated bus drivers throughout our area. But, it is the job of every driver to do our own part to ensure that those kids are safe as they walk to bus stops or wait at cross walks.

As this school year begins, we ask drivers everywhere to take a pledge of safety. Put down your phones. Do the speed limit. Be extra aware in school zones and neighborhoods especially around pick up and drop off times during your morning and afternoon commutes.

Our family is proud to serve you and your families all year round. We wish everyone well as this school year starts up again!

Take Advantage of Pre-Buy Pricing with Styer Propane

Attention Styer Propane Customers

Pre-Buy is back for the 2019-2020 Season. Please review the information and form below to learn more. Pre-Buy is a great opportunity

Styer Propane, LLC has a limited amount of propane this year for our Pre-buy program on a first come, first served basis. The propane that you purchase (200 gallon minimum) is for deliveries made after November 1, 2019. All deliveries prior to November 1st will be billed the day of delivery price per gallon. All outstanding balances must be paid, in full, before the pre-buy can be applied to your account. (The 5 cent per gallon discount has already been factored into your pre-buy price.)

Click Here for Pre Buy Information

Click Here for your Pre Buy Form

Call today to learn more about Pre-Buy Pricing from Styer Propane!

Styer Pre-Buy Announcement Coming Soon!

It’s summertime at Styer Propane and, as many would expect, our offices can get kind of quiet this time of the year. However, we are already beginning to receiver phone calls regarding our Pre-Buy program. Styer Propane customers can expect this year’s Pre-Buy offer to become available around the second or third week of July 2019. ¬†As always, there is a limited supply allotted for this program and all propane designated for Pre-Buy is first come – first served. We thank all of you for your business and look ¬†forward to updating all of you with details in about two to three weeks!

Happy Easter from Styer Propane

We hope everyone is off to a very enjoyable Spring! It is so nice to watch our beautiful neighborhoods burst with greens, blues, yellows and pinks this time of year.

We would like to remind everyone that Styer Propane offices will be closed this Friday, April 19th in observance of Good Friday. We hope that all of our friends out there have a wonderful Easter and we look forward to serving you again very soon!

Spring Schedule Notices

What a wild Winter it was for all of us in the Greater Philadelphia area! There were certainly more than a handful of frigid weeks that had our crews going non-stop! Now that we are nearly to the end of March, it is safe to say that we will not have to concern ourselves with snowstorms or dangerous call for quite some time.

We hope that everyone is enjoying the weather and sunshine. As we tend to get fewer calls in the warmer weather months, we do our best to update our customers regarding any changes in the schedule. Please note the following changes to our schedule this Spring 2019:

Styer Propane Offices will be closed on April 19th in observance of Good Friday. We will also be closed on Monday, May 27th for Memorial Day.

Beginning of Daylight Saving Time Marks a Home Safety Reminder!

The beginning and end of Daylight Saving Time marks an important reminder for homeowners and families everywhere. It’s time to check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors!

It’s important, according to safety experts, to not only test the devices twice a year but also change the batteries. As a whole, not everyone is on board with this semiannual tradition. In fact, only 57% of American households have tested these devices and/or changed batteries in the last six months according to a recent survey of over 1000 homeowners.

It is important to note how much of an impact home safety and fire safety awareness has had in the US over the past several decades. The average time to escape a home fire has dropped from seventeen minutes to under three minutes due to changes in home construction, increases in synthetics used in furniture and of course fire prevention and carbon monoxide detector awareness campaigns both on national and local levels.

Never changed a battery in a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector? Here are some directions that will work for most common models:

  1. Lift, twist, or remove the cover. (In some cases, the whole alarm will come off from a base.)
  2. Replace the battery with a brand-new one. Most machines use 9-volt batteries.
  3. Close and snap the detector back into place.
  4. Press the test button to make sure it’s working. You should hear a beep or chirp sound.

Smoke alarms lose their effectiveness after about a decade and require replacing just like carbon monoxide detectors. If you upgrade to the newer lithium battery smoke detectors, you won’t have to worry about replacing the batteries at all for up to a decade.

A Smart Time to Buy a Smart Thermostat

Smart home technology is certainly everywhere you look nowadays. Many of us grew up in homes where there was one phone and one thermostat and, if you are of an older generation, you were likely permitted to touch neither. All that said, we now have smart assistants such as Google Home and the Amazon Echo in our homes that can add items to shopping lists and tell us who had the most home runs in 1968. The heating and cooling industry is keeping pace with this demand for smart stuff. And our techs are seeing more smart thermostats in homes now more than ever before. So, what’s the scoop?

Products such as the Nest smart home thermostat can run north of $200, which seems like a tough pill to swallow given that an “old school” model is about $30 off the shelf and some programmable models come in under $50. So, why are so many people investing in the new gear?

Smart thermostats can actually learn the behavior and patterns of the home and adjust heating and cooling settings accordingly. A smart thermostat may log when the home is occupied, unoccupied and reduce use based on data. With a traditional programmable model, the homeowner would program the unit, set it and forget it. It’s also been noted throughout the industry that most owners of programmable units have never programmed them to begin with (yikes!).

The bottom line is that when used to their potential, these products can save a homeowner significant money on heating and cooling bills. Some say, however, that for homeowners who have been diligent in their use of a programmable model, one may not see such a big change if you upgrade to a smart unit. If you have questions about which unit is best for your home, be sure to ask your HVAC professional today.