Merry Christmas from all of us at Styer Propane

We may be a little biased, but we don’t know of anywhere that matches up to the beauty of Chester County around Christmas. This holiday season seems a little extra special as, well, folks in our communities have certainly been through a good deal this year, and what better than the joy and spirit of the season to bring out the best in all of us? If you still have yet to do a nice Christmas light drive with the kiddos, we suggest you get it in before it is too late. So many neighborhoods have gone above and beyond this year. It’s truly wonderful.

Here at Styer Propane, we love Christmastime. And, while many of us may not be able to enjoy as much time together this year than in years past, we know that any time with family and friends is more valuable than ever. Our offices will be closing early on December 24, closed on December 25th and January 1st so that our staff can spend time with their loved ones. We do ask that will-call customers note our holiday schedule as you assess your propane needs.

We would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and good health in the New Year. We thank you for your continued support of our small business and we look forward to serving you in 2021!

Prepping for Winter at Styer Propane

If 2020 has reminded us of anything, it is that during challenging times, there is still much to be thankful for. Friends and family. Incredible employees, vendors and customers. This year, like everything else, the holidays will be a bit different for most of us. We would like to wish all of you a very special and Happy Thanksgiving! Please note that our office will be closed on Thursday, November 26th so that our folks can spend the holiday with their families.

It is important for us to note also that the chilly winter temps are not too far away. Remember that though you may not have had too many tank fills throughout the year so far, your home uses more propane when temperatures outside are lower. Accordingly, for those on Will-Call, it is important for to call in orders when tanks are at 35%. Don’t wait until your tank is critically low or you risk running out!

Winter Weather and Styer Service

This winter we also remind clients that our drivers cannot safely deliver to driveways that are not safely passable. If a driveway has a significant amount of uncleared ice or snow, specifically if it is on any sort of incline, please be aware that our drivers will not be able to make a delivery until conditions change. Accordingly, we ask that customers expecting deliveries please clear snow from driveways and tank covers prior to a driver’s arrival. We also would appreciate it if customers would please shovel a path to the tank or tank fill so that our drivers have an opportunity to easily find and fill your propane as they make their way to all customers during times of rough weather. For those customers with underground tanks, we kindly ask you to mark your tanks with a stick, a flag or some sort of marker that our drivers can easily recognize when they visit your property for a propane delivery.

We thank all of you for helping us to ensure save deliveries year after year and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Halloween from Styer Propane

There is no question that we are at the beginning of our busy season once we begin to see the Halloween decorations begin to pop up throughout Chester County and the surrounding area. We enjoy this time of year for so many reasons. First, it must be said that the fall foliage throughout our communities reminds us how blessed we are to live where we do. It’s just so beautiful. Fall is also when we begin hearing from more of our great customers! Most of you really don’t need us throughout most of the summer months and we are back in full gear this time of year to serve all of your propane needs.

This weekend is a great weekend with friends and community. And, though things will inevitably be a little different this year, we urge everyone to stay safe and have fun. Speaking of safety, don’t forget to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors this weekend when you set your clocks back.

Once again, all of us at Styer Propane would like to wish everyone out there a Happy Halloween!

Pre-Buy Has Been Extended

The enrollment period for Pre-Buy has been extended while supplies last! We hope everyone is enjoying these first few cool days of Fall! Take advantage of this opportunity while we are still in a position to offer savings to Styer Propane customers. Call today or check out the Pre-Buy page to see what the program is all about! Very definitively, we open up the opportunity for customers to purchase fuel at off-season pricing before the big chill hits in wintertime. If you are looking to learn more about Pre-Buy Pricing, we invite you to call our office today to speak with a Styer Propane representative who will be happy to review this year’s program with you!

A Reminder to Have Your System Maintained

The calendar says August and the thermometer says 90 degrees, but believe it or not, now is the exact time of year that you want to call your HVAC company to schedule your pre season heating system check. The first rule of owning any kind of mechanical equipment is if you take care of it, it will take care of you. That rule applies to your vehicle, your lawnmower, and yes, the several connected pieces of equipment that make your heating system run effectively and safely.

Why schedule now? Well, for starters, if you are on a maintenance agreement, you are likely already paying for it, so you should certainly get what you are paying for. But, more specifically, most HVAC contractors’ schedule get these maintenance appointments completed for all customers prior to the first frost. In our area, this means they want to be on the other side of maintenance visits by the end of September. This is because as soon there is a first frost, that is about the time they get calls for malfunctioning systems (usually from folks who have not had their maintenance visits).

Remember, it nearly always costs more money to fix a problem than it does to prevent one. Take care of your heating system and it will take care of you!

Pre-Buy is Available Now!

We hope everyone is enjoying their Summer! We know it’s a little odd to think of your fuel costs right now when we have had so many stretches of hot, hot weather, but that is what Pre-Buy is all about! Very definitively, we open up the opportunity for customers to purchase fuel at summer pricing before the cold snaps begin in Fall. If you are looking to learn more about Pre-Buy Pricing, we invite you to call. our office today to speak with a Styer Propane representative who will be happy to review this year’s prgoram with you!

Summer News and Notes

We hope everyone out there is excited for summer! We’ve all got our fingers crossed that things will continue to improve and we will be able to go to the green phase very soon.

Visiting our Office

For the time being, we’d like to remind folks that, for the safety of Styer customers and staff, we are asking folks to use our dropbox outside our front door. If you are concerned about dropping off cash, you can call our office once you are parked in our lot and a member of our team will come outside to collect your payment. At this time our office is limited only to Styer staff members. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Pre-Buy Announcement Coming Soon

We will be announcing details on this year’s Pre-Buy program around mid-July. As always, this is a limited time offer, so we invite interested customers to please stay tuned for details.

Independence Day

Styer Propane offices will be closed on Friday July 3rd so that our folks have an opportunity to enjoy a long weekend with friends and family and enjoy the Fourth of July holiday!

Enroll in a Budget Plan Today – Limited Time!

Challenging times call for proven solutions. Now, more than ever, families are looking for smart solutions to their budgetary needs. Count on the Styer Propane Budget Plan to keep your family warm this winter!

How does it work?

The Styer Propane Budget Plan is not a payment plan.  Budget accounts start each May and run year round. The purpose of the plan is to enable you to make regular monthly payments on your account starting in the warm-weather months so that you’ll have built up a credit once Fall and Winter arrive. By starting the plan in May, customers often have enough credit accumulated to pay for their upcoming winter deliveries.

To learn more about our Budget Plan, or to see if you qualify, please email us @ or call our office during business hours. 

Safety Continues to be Our #1 Goal

We have a pretty special relationship with safety regulations here at Styer Propane and we have since the day we opened our doors several decades ago. There are countless safety regulations that we are required to follow in how we store and deliver your propane, how we operate our trucks, store and install propane tanks and much more. And, we are happy to abide by regulations that the industry and government have put in place over the years, because it keeps all of us safe.

Right now, during this challenging time, our main focus continues to be your safety and the safety of our team members. With all of the changes taking place around us, it is important for us to recognize that this emphasis on safety remains constant.

If you have any questions about our safety standards, please feel free to consult this site, our facebook page or ask a member of the Styer Propane team. As always, we appreciate your trust in our business to serve as your fuel provider now and for years to come.

Coronavirus Statement

At Styer Propane, nothing is more important to us than the safety of our customers and our staff. Accordingly, effective immediately, Styer Propane is announcing the following measurements that we are taking to meet the standards recommended by the CDC:

  • All drivers, technicians, sales and support staff have been instructed to maintain a social distancing space of 6 feet and avoid handshakes and any other personal contact while representing Styer Propane.
  • Our drivers and technicians who visit our customers have been instructed to avoid entering your homes. We will conduct leak checks from outside the home whenever possible.
  • We have established a drop box near the front entry of our office for customers who wish to drop off payment. This is so we can maintain as safe an environment for our office staff until the greatest risk of transmission has passed.

All of us at Styer Propane are committed to doing our part in ensuring a safe service experience for our customers as we join together to meet this challenge as a community and as a nation. If you have any questions about our safety standards at this time, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office during business hours.